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Super K Pureple Extra Strong Liquid Kratom Extract Display Box of 20 Bottles| Pure Leaf Kratom

Super K Extra Strong Liquid Kratom Extract Shot Display Box

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The makers of MIT 45 bring you Super K which is a potent 30ml Kratom shot made in the USA. Each bottle contains multiple servings. Manufactured under strict quality management practices and GMP regulations to ensure the highest quality control. Available in Extra Strong & Special Edition options. Extra Strong is 3x the strength of Special Edition.

• 30ml (1oz) per bottle
• Liquid extract formula
• Broad spectrum of alkaloids (30+)
• *Multiple servings per bottle
• Extra strong & Special Edition options
• Extra Strong = 3x strength of Special Edition

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa Extract (leaves) 217mg. 7-Hydroxymitragynine = Less than 2% of total alkaloid content (amount per use)
Other ingredients: Vegetable glycerin, Filtered water, Citric acid.