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Pure Leaf Kratom | 20 Grams Powder White Borneo
Pure Leaf Kratom White Borneo 20g Powder

Pure Leaf Kratom White Borneo 20g Powder

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White Borneo


Our White Borneo Kratom is in high demand due to its potent properties, which help to increase aerobic performance and relieve exhaustion and mental fatigue. Mitragyna Speciosa trees thrive in clean soil along the banks of the Kapuas Hulu River, providing the White Boneo with its distinctive aroma as well as various health benefits, including:


  • Improved concentration
  • Potential mood-boost
  • More focused
  • Boosted libido


Begin with a low dose and gradually increase as your body adjusts. Available in capsule or powder form.


 Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa
Size: 20 grams
Serving Size: 3 grams