Mesh Payment Processing

Credit Cards


As many of you have noticed - we recently lost our Credit Card processor. 

While we wish this did not happen - it is fairly common in the Kratom industry. Banks and payment processing companies simply do not want to work with any companies that are considered “high risk”. 

While looking into many methods, most of the options have a very long verification process, or other accommodations we would have to go through before getting it up on our website. We wanted to get something up on our website ASAP for those customers who’s only option is to use a Credit/Debit card. 

Without further ado, we introduce you to Mesh Payment Processing!

This credit card payment method will instantly create and load a MESH account that is used to pay for your order (Visa and MC are accepted however Amex is not). Please note there will be an administration fee of approximately 8% applied to your order total.


Step 1: Place your Pure Leaf Kratom Order

After you add all the items to your cart, you should see the Mesh Payment option. Click on that, and you will be redirected to the Mesh payment site. 


(Make sure you click “Confirm Order” after this screen)


Step 2: Create a Mesh account

If you are a first time user of Mesh then you will be directed to a 2-minute payment account registration. This requires the last 4 digits of your social security and cell phone confirmation. Registration needs to be done ONLY ONCE and you can then use Mesh very quickly the next time. The information is for account validation only and is not stored.


Follow through the 3 steps shown below 




Step 3: 2-Step Verification

You will then be given a code to verify your account via text message 



Step 4: Load your Mesh Card

From here, you will need to click on “Buy a Load Pack”. The amount that you need to purchase will be in big yellow numbers based on what was in your cart. 



By using your Credit Card you will be authorizing the purchase of a Load Pack provided by Mesh Money. This load pack is used exclusively for the purchase of products offered by Pure Leaf Kratom. The load pack you are about to purchase is securely and directly transferred to the vendors digital wallet as payment for your order. Transactions through Mesh Money are subject to fees of approximately 8%, but you can alternatively use our Instant GreenBeanPay (ACH) or Zelle services; both of which are free and easy to use.


Step 5: Send money to Pure Leaf Kratom

Click “Proceed” and follow through to the next page. 

Then click “Activate and Continue”
Then, “Complete your order”


And you’re done! You should then be redirected to the Pure Leaf Kratom Checkout page that says “Checkout Successful”. 

We realize there are some fees that come with this payment processing - and we wish we had an easier option for our customers. This is hopefully only a temporary solution, and we will have a better Credit Card Processing hopefully in the near future.