Comparison of MIT 45 and OPMS Kratom Extract

We took the curtain back on MIT 45 earlier this month so that you could have a full idea of what it is and if it’s worth your time. However, there has recently been significant discussion in the kratom community over how MIT 45 varies from other kratom extracts and whether it is, in fact, superior to liquid kratom extract. The findings are in, and I’m confident you’ll want to hear them after polling my friends and coworkers and comparing them for myself. Let’s take a closer look !


  • What exactly is MIT 45 ?


MIT 45 is a 50x kratom extract manufactured from Maeng Da kratom powder that is exclusive to MIT. Most of you are likely familiar with Maeng Da’s reputation as « pimp kratom, » undoubtedly the most potent kratom strain available.


With its broad spectrum tincture, MIT 45 ups the ante, earning the moniker « rocket fuel. » MIT 45 is an unflavored ultra-potent extract that differs from other wholesale kratom extracts in that each tincture is labeled with precise information.


The moniker MIT 45 comes from the fact that it contains 45 percent mitragynine, an indole alkaloid that is thought to be responsible for kratom’s natural analgesia.


  • Why is MIT 45 such a favorite ?


MIT 45 has only been on the market for a little over a year, yet it has already gained a lot of attention and appreciation from both the general public and expert kratom reviewers. The excitement on sites like Drugs Forum, Reddit, and other social media platforms is palpable.


The wide range of alleged benefits of MIT 45 is responsible for most of its appeal. Euphoria, anxiety relief, increased energy, improved mood, increased lucidity, mild stimulation, significant analgesia, and an overall sense of well-being are among them.


  • OPMS kratom extract : what is it ?


O.P.M.S. Gold has long been the most popular brand of kratom extract capsules, but it has also generated some concern among experienced kratom users who are aware of its shortcomings. Many people have called OPMS a « bunk product » that isn’t nearly as potent as it is advertised to be.


OPMS creates a Maeng Da liquid kratom extract that is sold in smoke shops and head stores in the United States and abroad. However, as most kratomites will tell you, ubiquity isn’t everything ; transparency is more vital than convenience.


The issue with OPMS kratom extract is that the firm behind it maintains their extraction technique a well guarded secret, leaving the general public scratching their heads and wondering what precisely is in their extract and how it is made.


Consumers are confused if this kratom has been lab tested for purity due to this lack of transparency. As a result, the risk of ingesting a tainted version of kratom powder is extremely significant.




To begin with, there is a significant price difference OPMS liquid kratom is commonly offered for upwards of $20 per 8 ml bottle. Unique Novelty, on the other hand, sells a 15 mL MIT 45 tincture for $17. For a same price point, there are two very different quantities.


  • How does the MIT 45 brand compare to the more well-known OPMS ?


The chances are clearly in its favor ; those who have evaluated it, whether on blogs, kratom websites, or YouTube channels, have been glowing as they relate their experiences. Given that MIT 45 is a 50x kratom extract, and OPMS does not reveal the leaf to extraction ratio, this isn’t surprising.


The 50x or 50 :1 ratio reflects how many grams of kratom leaf were utilized to generate only one gram of kratom extract, as we discussed in our kratom extract comparison. This is why MIT 45 is so powerful, because such extensive extraction results in huge amounts of each kratom alkaloid (mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, corynoxine, paynanteidine, mitraphylline, et al.).


  • What are the opinions of the people ?


One user on Reddit was quick to point out the differences between the two goods. « I’ve been on OPMS liquid for a few months, » a user posted in response to a question seeking advise on which kratom extract is the strongest. One to four bottles per day are recommended.


I recently tried Mit 45 for the first time. I’m never going to buy OPMS again. The greatest I’ve had is MIT 45. It’s like reliving my very first encounter. I can’t say enough good things about it ! »


After becoming tired with his typical kratom toss n’ wash, the presenter of one YouTube review went to MIT 45. He described his feelings after using MIT 45 as « very wonderful and much lighter than with kratom [powder]. » He described himself as « wonderful, » « very calm, » and « extremely balanced. »


« I don’t have much of a kratom buzz, and I don’t have a lot of energy…but I’m relaxed. » I’m in a very relaxed mood. This is something I will absolutely use again. It’s decent, although it’s a tad on the tiny side. »


He goes on to say that the only probable disadvantage of MIT 45 is its « awful » flavor.


« If you think kratom is horrible, wait till you try this…


It burns your chest and feels like cough medication is being swallowed. It’s a bit of a shambles. But, based on how I felt, you should absolutely give it a shot. »


  • Conclusion :


Despite the unpleasant flavor, everyone I know who has tasted it believes that MIT 45 is considerably superior to OPMS in every manner. If you’re on the fence, pick up a bottle of each and try them for yourself. Everyone is different, and no two individuals will have the same experience with kratom products, as we’ve mentioned many times before.